ABA Therapy for Autism in Massachusetts

About ABA Therapy

For kids and teens with autism, the school year’s changing schedules and deadlines can be tough. Whether your child is in school or on break, they need continuous support and care to keep improving. That’s where Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy comes in.

Rising Above ABA is an autism treatment agency in Waltham, MA. We offer ABA therapy at home and in the community. Our personalized, extensive services can help your child or patient with various needs, from early help to managing behavior.

ABA therapy is highly effective in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), backed by decades of research. It helps individuals on the autism spectrum to improve communication, social skills, and other important areas of functioning. We’re here to support your child’s success and help them rise above challenges. Call us at 888.572.7473 to learn more.

The Benefits of ABA for Autism

ABA therapy involves watching how a child behaves to understand their reactions. Decades of research show that this tailored therapy improves the lives of children with autism.

Benefits of ABA therapy include:

Enhances and builds 
social skills

Focuses on all aspects of socializing, from making eye contact to talking and making friends.

Enhances academic skills

Boosts reading, writing, and math abilities.


Enhances verbal and nonverbal communication, leading to better relationships. This includes learning words and gestures and effectively understanding and responding to others.

Targets measurable goals

ABA therapy is data-driven, allowing for constant progress monitoring. Therapists can customize and 
change the therapy plan 
as needed.

Reduces repetitive and restrictive behaviors

This covers behaviors that lead to self-injury, property damage, and repetitive movements.

Improves focus and attention

Helps improve concentration and attention span during tasks.

We ensure your child reaches their fullest potential and enjoys a quality life. For effective ABA therapy contact us today.

The Importance of Early Intervention Using Autism ABA Therapy

We can start ABA therapy early in a child’s life for better outcomes, so we urge families to reach out as soon as their child has been diagnosed. Doing so allows our therapists to teach essential social and academic success skills as early as possible.

Does ABA Therapy Work?

Yes, this therapy is very effective. Our therapists use strategies to improve communication and social skills. These techniques help children interact with peers, form friendships, and handle social situations. They consider each child’s behavior to focus on their social and coping abilities.

What to Expect From an ABA Therapist

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association endorse ABA therapy. This kind of therapy is unique because it’s customizable for each child. The therapist works with the child and their caregivers to set goals and create a plan that suits them.

Each therapist aims to help your child control their emotions and behavior. They teach techniques to handle emotions, cope with anxiety and frustration, and deal with challenging situations.

At Rising Above ABA, our board-certified behavior analysts and technicians have been trained to our high standards and provide excellent ABA therapy.

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