Many parents wonder what discrete trial training is and how it differs from applied behavioral analysis. In short, DTT is a specific technique within the ABA approach to therapy—one so ubiquitous that it has become entangled with the concept of ABA to the point where the two are routinely confused. Discrete trial training utilizes the core ideas of ABA as a supplementary learning program for children with autism spectrum disorder. DTT is not the only variety of ABA therapy, but it is the most common.

Rising Above ABA provides discrete trial training as a major part of most of our ABA therapy programs in Massachusetts. DTT is an intuitive method for children with autism spectrum disorder to learn concepts in ways traditional means of education may have failed. DTT is included as part of our comprehensive treatment plan, which includes a variety of ABA-centered approaches, family support, and access to a network of trained specialists. Contact us today at 888.572.7473 to learn more about the services we offer and how your child can overcome their challenges with us.

What Is Discrete Trial Training for Autism?

DTT is the most common type of ABA therapy. The name discrete trial training introduces its main function: breaking concepts down into discrete trials or segments for children to navigate and accomplish. By breaking up lessons into discrete pieces, children are more easily able to grasp what is being asked of them and can more confidently respond with the correct answer.

For example, a child asked to identify a number’s place on a line may have difficulty in keeping track of which number correlates to their respective symbol or memorizing their order. DTT takes a different approach, first by asking children to build an association between the word (five) and the number (5). At each step of the way, the child is rewarded in some way, either by positive affirmation or a prize. After enough trials, the child should confidently be able to identify each number and go on to order them with similar rewards per trial completion.

Benefits of DTT

Typically, children higher on the autism spectrum find the typical scholastic approach difficult, and an inability to keep pace with other students often creates a snowball effect of staggered learning. By breaking up tasks into distinct segments, children with ASD are more likely to build a stronger understanding of fundamental concepts. Discrete trial training has seen extensive use with children with autism and has become a core approach in all ABA therapy.

DTT is not the only way applied behavioral analysis is utilized by any means. Other popular styles of ABA include:

  • Pivotal response treatment (PRT), which rewards reading social cues and self-management
  • Early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI), which employs similar strategies to minimize negative or disruptive behavior
  • Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), which uses play as a means of learning and motivation

Rising Above ABA Discrete Trial Training Program in Newton, MA

At Rising Above ABA, we’re committed to providing the right therapy for autistic children and their families in the Boston, MA, area. Our approach to treatment is evidence-based, widely approved, and comprehensive in treating all points on the autism spectrum. We endeavor to help your child succeed in navigating through their ASD and allow them to grow into their full potential.

We offer many versatile services that can help your child grow. Whether you’re looking for discrete trial training, a family support group, or are interested in any of our services, we’re ready to take your questions at any time. Contact the specialist team at Rising Above ABA today by calling 888.572.7473 or by reaching out online.

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